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blueberry crumble bars |

blueberry crumble bars

Am I crazy, or are there some fruits that taste just SO much better cooked? That’s how I feel about apples, and most of all, blueberries. Think about berry crumbles or baked oatmeals with sweet and tart blueberry juices just oozing from the crust. Just the thought is enough to get my belly rumbling and make me so

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white chocolate chip cookies |

white chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for a while ever since I launched Savormania with these decadent peanut butter cookies stuffed with nutella, and promised to give you my ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe next. I’m five months overdue; I’ve left you in suspense for 165 days wondering what could be so amazing about chocolate chip cookies. The

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mini red velvet cupcakes |

mini red velvet cupcakes

Every time I bite into a red velvet cupcake, it reminds me of the couple of months I spent in New York in 2011. Home to the world’s most decadent cupcakes and many other delicious bites, New York has this amazing bakery that most of you have probably all heard about: Magnolia Bakery. Magnolia Bakery now has five

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