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My name is Sharon, a third-culture kid 27-year old living in Geneva Switzerland, but born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Sounds complicated, huh? But wait, there’s more: my maternal grandparents were Israeli/German, my paternal grandparents were Lebanese/Syrian, and my BIG family (we are over 100) is now spread across the globe, but mainly concentrated in Panama. And as I got married in July 2014, my family grew even bigger, with my husband being from Spanish and Moroccan descent. Our son was born on December 18, 2016, and I can just imagine him one day explaining to his friends all about his origins.

Needless to say that creating a family tree in school was the hardest homework in the world, and asking me the simple question “Where are you from?” still sends me into a panic frenzy where I’ll either answer that I have no idea, invent a new nationality or simply pick one to save you 30 minutes of your time. My background may seem way too confusing, but it is so inspiring, and the result can be seen in my kitchen today.

Although my grandmothers were both so different, one thing they shared in common was their passion for cooking—a love they passed on to my mother, and then to me. My first cooking memory was when I was two years old, baking cookies with my mother, eagerly waiting to get my hands on a freshly baked sweet. By my teens, I had already mastered some desserts and was interested in learning more about Israeli and Lebanese cuisines, so I looked at my grandmothers’ cookbooks for inspiration, and concocted series of dinners for my friends. Today, while I still cook Middle Eastern meals, I also find myself seeking inspiration in the other half of me—my Asian/Latin American/European roots—to cook for my wonderful husband Jon, family and friends. I like to characterize my cooking style as “fusion”, because I tend to mix and match ingredients and techniques from different countries and cuisines.

Savormania is a place for me to share the best from my kitchen*, with recipes inspired from the four corners of the globe that truly represent who I am today and the multi-faceted culture I grew up in.  Food, ingredients and meals come with a story, and I’ll strive to share every one of them with you through Savormania. I hope that my words and photos will inspire you to cook homemade meals more often and will transport you to a different world and culture with each bite. 

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* Many of the recipes on this site are from my family kitchen. When they aren’t family recipes or my own, I always refer to the original source of inspiration.



I love to write, try out new recipes and travel around the world. My favorite foods are truffles, peanut butter, cheese, tahini, hummus, litchis and olives. I absolutely dislike steak, dates, foie gras, candy and fruit desserts mixed with chocolate—so if you find recipes of any of the latter on Savormania, it’s on request of my husband and friends!

Want to know more about me? Read through Savormania’s posts and/or get in touch with me at savormania@gmail.com, I love to hear from my readers.



Fusion cuisine is what happens in the kitchen when you suffer from identity crisis like me. Just kidding (well, only partially). Fusion cuisine is in fact a combination of different culinary traditions and techniques taken from a range of cuisines. For example, you’ll find within these pages recipes that mix Chinese and Thai cuisines, or Israeli and Italian cuisines among many others.



All photos published on Savormania are my own and are copyrighted. If you’d like to use one of my photos on your site, please always credit Savormania and link the post and photos to my recipe.



When Jon and I were looking for our first home, my top priority in picking the right place was the kitchen while he wanted a big enough living room to fit a huge couch and gigantic TV. We visited dozens of apartments with tiny living rooms and unequipped kitchens—some with a bit of charm, others that hadn’t been renovated for the past 50 years—until we found the perfect place, after six months of searching and just a week before our wedding date. Yes, I was freaking out, but it was well worth the wait and stress as we now have a place that we truly love coming home to.

The Savormania kitchen is a 13.2-square meter gray-and-white space, with a beautiful brownish-grayish countertop—not too big and not too small, simply the perfect size for cooking meals in no time. The kitchen came fully equipped with an oven and dishwasher, as well as a refrigerator and freezer. All I had to do was buy a microwave and get my kitchen set up—which was the first thing I did as soon as we moved in—and began testing my kitchen right from Day 1.



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