Cuisines: Spanish

surprise ingredient tomato gazpacho |

surprise ingredient tomato gazpacho

When we eat out, there’s always one thing I look for to qualify a dish as spectacular: It has to surprise me. I like dishes that blow me away with their mix of flavors, or ones that contain a secret ingredient that I just can’t put my finger on. I also like intriguing food presentations, like this one time we

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spanish potato tortilla |

spanish potato tortilla

In October 2009, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Spanish city of Seville for our high school’s graduation trip. We walked around Seville for five days, discovered its rich architecture and history, partied like there was no tomorrow, and ran on two hours of sleep per night. We also ate lots of Spanish food, which for

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vegetarian paella |

vegetarian paella

There’s nothing I love more than a recipe that can be made all in one pan. Few understand this as well as the Spanish, who cook the most succulent paellas without dirtying any extra pots or pans. To be honest, I had never eaten a paella before our trip to Madrid this past January, probably because my

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