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sweet potato and lentil burgers |

sweet potato and lentil burgers

I never really liked sweet potatoes — until the day I tried them with tahini. From that day on, I’ve totally fallen in love with their softness and sweetness, swapping regular potatoes for them as often as I can. I now not only love them with tahini, but also in soups, mashes, roasted dishes and

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easy baked falafel |

easy baked falafel

Hello my dears! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It has been cold and snowy here in Switzerland, making me want to stay in more than usual — the perfect opportunity to work on more delicious recipes for you! With my birthday coming up, Jon surprised me with one of the best gifts ever for a

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mexican red kidney beans |

mexican red kidney beans

When I traveled to Mexico during the summer of 2013, I wasn’t a big fan of Mexican food. I didn’t like avocado, hated anything spicy, ran away from jalapeños, and thought most dishes were way too oily. My thoughts have changed since then — I have learned to love avocado (it was about time) and have started

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cumin spiced green lentils |

cumin-spiced green lentils

Do you know what it feels like to start truly enjoying something that you always really hated? That’s how I feel about running. I never liked running, in fact I always hated it. They say that to stick to a fitness plan you have to find something you love so that you look forward to working out

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