savormania turns 1!

savormania turns 1!

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I published my very first recipe on Savormania. When I started this blog, my goal was to inspire other home cooks to reach out of their comfort zones and try a variety of cuisines and new ingredients in their own kitchens. What I didn’t know back then was how much you would all inspire me. You’ve encouraged me, cooked my recipes and followed me from 185 countries around the world. I am so grateful for every single one of you, because thanks to you I’ve not only fallen even more in love with cooking, but have also reached out of my own comfort zone, perfecting my cooking skills and experimenting with new ingredients along the way. Thank you so much for being part of the Savormania adventure! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Over 100 recipes

I’ve shared over 100 recipes since the beginning, each inspired by my multicultural background. You’ll find recipes from an array of cuisines throughout Savormania’s pages, ranging from Israeli, Asian and Italian to French, American, Lebanese and more. Let’s take a look back at the top five most read recipes on Savormania.

Balsamic chicken breasts: a weeknight favorite

chicken breast in balsamic vinegar |

I published this recipe for balsamic chicken breasts in January, although I’ve been cooking it for several years already. It has become a weeknight favorite of ours — so easy to make yet so full of flavor! The balsamic sauce includes onions, thyme and mushrooms and contributes to make the chicken breasts so tender. If you haven’t tried this recipe yet, you should definitely give it a go!

Blueberry muffins: a great recipe to bake on Sundays

blueberry muffins |

Believe it or not…I wasn’t a big fan of blueberries before Savormania. But as Jon loves these magical berries, I started giving them a try when we got married and ended up falling madly in love with them. I particularly love them baked in sweets — as you can tell by the number of blueberry desserts on Savormania — and especially in these muffins that are the perfect treats to have for breakfast.

Vegetarian paella: the easiest meal to put together when you have tons of veggies

vegetarian paella |

Having got married in Spain in July 2014, I am very attached to the country and its delicious cuisine. Even if you don’t eat seafood (like me), there’s still so much you can enjoy while eating out in Spain, like a vegetarian paella — one of my favorite vegan recipes to quickly put together during the week. You can use pretty much any vegetables you like and the dish will come out delicious!

The most amazing chocolate fudge brownies: I’m serious

chocolate fudge brownies

These chocolate fudge brownies are just so easy to whip up for dessert. Covered with a chocolate frosting, they’re made for those with a sweet tooth like me! They’re so moist and chewy, turning them into my favorite brownie recipe to date.

Dairy-free lemon meringue pie: my dad’s favorite dessert

lemon meringue pie |

I see that this lemon meringue pie is not only my dad’s favorite dessert, but one of yours too! I can understand why — it’s not that complicated to put together, tastes like heaven, and really impresses all those that get to have a slice of it! It has the perfect balance of sweet and sour and is entirely dairy-free.

Thank you for your support, your love and for cooking my recipes. I’m honored to see my recipes being cooked all over the world! Thanks for sharing your photos with me by email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through the hashtag #savormania. They make my day! Here’s to another year of delicious cooking!

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