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shakshuka |


When I’m in Israel, I make it a priority to have breakfast at least once at Benedict, a restaurant known to have the best breakfast in the country — or should I even say, the world. What’s so amazing about Benedict is not only its extensive list of delicious food, but most of all the

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spanish potato tortilla |

spanish potato tortilla

In October 2009, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Spanish city of Seville for our high school’s graduation trip. We walked around Seville for five days, discovered its rich architecture and history, partied like there was no tomorrow, and ran on two hours of sleep per night. We also ate lots of Spanish food, which for

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potato and egg salad

There’s something about potato and egg salad that reminds me of summer — probably because my mom loves to make this for a garden barbecue. The hot summer days are long gone by now, but who says that we can’t indulge in this refreshing salad even during the coldest month of the year? Potatoes are one of the most

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