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sugar-free pear compote |

sugar-free pear compote

Guys, I’m so excited to share this pear compote with you. Not only is it completely sugar-free, but it’s also: (1) so easy to make (2) so delicious you’d want to eat it by the spoonful (3) and just so perfect in baked oatmeal, on toast, on yoghurt, on pancakes…basically on pretty much anything you like

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dairy-free and gluten-free potato gratin |

dairy-free potato gratin

When it comes to food, Jon and I are so similar yet so different. We both favor home cooked meals above all, we both can’t get enough of desserts and veggies, and we both love watching all TV shows about cooking — from Top Chef and MasterChef to even the most random documentaries about culinary events

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lemon meringue pie |

dairy-free lemon meringue pie

A meal is never truly over in my house until we finish dessert. I grew up in a family where desserts are the first thing we think about when preparing a menu for an upcoming lunch or dinner party. Desserts are so precious to us that they are also the first thing we look at on a restaurant’s menu.

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smoked salmon and watercress quiche |

smoked salmon and watercress quiche

We finally received our wedding video, eight months after our big day. We had been impatiently waiting for it, wondering if it would be as amazing as we remember the ceremony and party being last summer. We tore the package immediately after we received it and watched the one-hour-and-a-half video before dinner on Friday night. All the wonderful

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