10 lunch recipes to pack for work

10 lunch recipes to pack for work

With bikini season officially here, we’re all paying attention to what we eat — and what we don’t eat — to keep our bodies in perfect shape for the beach. I find that when one packs lunch to take to work it is much easier to keep portions in check and stay full until dinner, which avoids pigging out during the afternoon. Who says packed lunch has to be a boring salad or the same old sandwich? With these 10 Savormania recipes, you’ll not only keep your meals varied but will also have 10 days of fun lunches to look forward to!


bulgur red lentil salad

Bulgur has many more nutrients and vitamins than refined grains, such as white rice and regular pasta, which lose many of their benefits during the production process. As it is high in fiber while being low in fat, bulgur will keep you full throughout the afternoon. Here’s a Lebanese-inspired bulgur salad paired with lots of seasonal veggies, as well as red lentils, whose high content of fiber will keep hunger at bay for hours. Get the recipe now →


crispy spinach-carrot quinoa patties

For those who refrain from eating animal products, quinoa is a great source of proteins. Packed with the complete essential nine amino acids, this protein also contains a high amount of fiber, making it a healthy grain to add to your salads and to use in burgers instead of meat. These quinoa patties are baked and not fried, making them even healthier than they are already in comparison to beef burgers. They’re so easy to whip up and can be frozen to eat any other day. Get the recipe now → 



You’ll usually find edamame served in their pods sprinkled with salt at a Japanese restaurant, but I like to add these delicious green beans to my stir-fries and salads. Edamame are in fact immature soy beans that are naturally gluten-free and full of protein, iron and calcium, making them a great alternative for those who only consume plant-based products. I particularly love this cumin-spiced salad, which bursts with flavors of the Middle East. Prepare this salad the night before and leave it to marinate in the fridge — it’s even better several hours later. Get the recipe now →


mediterranean quinoa salad

If quinoa patties are not your thing, here’s another alternative for you to prepare with this versatile super grain. Containing sautéed zucchini, onion, olives, basil, tomatoes and feta, this salad is anything but boring. Make sure to only add the feta right before eating if not the cheese might become all soggy. Get the recipe now →


mint pea soup

Soups are one of the easiest lunches to pack for work. Cook them over the weekend and store them in individual Tupperwares to reheat at the office. With a nice piece of whole wheat bread, they make a healthy and satisfying lunch full of nutrients and vitamins. This mint pea soup version is one of my summer favorites, containing mint and parsley which make it so refreshing. Get the recipe now →


mushroom wheat berry saute

Similarly to bulgur, wheat berry is part of the unrefined, unprocessed wheat grains. Healthier than most grains, wheat berries are in fact wheat grains in their most natural state. I find that this mushroom wheat berry sauté is a mouthwatering way to incorporate more of this grain into your diet, as it is infused with the aroma of red wine, rosemary and thyme and is packed with sliced mushrooms for more texture and flavor. Eat it at room temperature or warm. Get the recipe now →


potato, egg, mayonnaise and pea salad

Nothing fills me up more than potatoes, especially when paired with eggs and mayonnaise to create a delicious salad. This might not be the healthiest lunch of all, but it will sure keep you going until dinnertime without snacking — so hey, if you save calories during the afternoon, it doesn’t really matter if you eat more for lunch, right? Get the recipe now →


smoked salmon and watercress quiche

Guess what? Watercress is the healthiest vegetable in the world — not kale, nor spinach or any other green. Containing over 15 vitamins and minerals, watercress beats spinach in iron levels, milk in calcium levels, and oranges in vitamin C levels — so it’s okay if this quiche has more heavy cream than a healthy lifestyle would prone, given the high nutritional value of its main veggie. Your belly will forgive you as long as you have just a slice with a salad! Get the recipe now →


spanish potato tortilla

Here’s another recipe that incorporates eggs and potatoes, which goes wonderfully well when served with a mixed green salad. The hardest part of preparing a tortilla is flipping it over, but we’ve prepared a video for you explaining every step of the process. Make this tortilla in advance and eat at room temperature. Get the recipe now →


zucchini leek soup

Many think that warm soups will only make them hotter when that’s the last thing you’d want during a summer heatwave, but soups actually cool down the body — just ask the bedouins what they eat for lunch!  If you don’t have a microwave in the office, don’t fret — this zucchini leek soup can be eaten warm or cold. Get the recipe now →

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